• 19. - 21.7.2017

    ISPPP 2017 Conference, Philadelphia, USA

    Poster entitled ChromatographyNovel Protein A Chromatography Resin Enables Elution by Heat, Salt and Acid by authors W. Krepper, P. Satzer and A. Jungbauer.
  • 16. - 19.7.2017

    PREP 2017, Philadelphia, USA

    Presentation entitled Thermodynamic properties of Staphylococcal Protein A – Antibody Interaction by authros W. Krepper, P. Satzer and A. Jungbauer.
  • 25. - 29.6.2017

    Affinity 2017, Paris, France

    Presentation entitled Biothermodynamics of Protein A IgG interaction by authors W. Krepper, A. Jungbauer and P. Satzer.
  • 25. - 26.4.2017

    3rd European TFF Experts Community Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany

    Presentation entitled Single-Pass and Single-Use TFF Comparison to Conventional TFF for High Protein Concentrations by author Dejan Arzensek.
  • 24. - 25.4.2017

    Bioproces International European Summit 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Presentation entitled Possibilities for integrated continuous downstream process by presenter Helena Trnovec (Lek).
  • 2. - 4.2.2017

    253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition San Francisco, USA

    Presentations entitled Exploring PAT approaches for Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration as the first step to continuous process design by Dejan Arzensek (Lek), presentation Continuous in line flocculation, new opportunities for primary separation and economic impact by Peter Satzer (BOKU), presentation Real-time monitoring of critical quality attributes and process parameters by spectroscopy during chromatographic capture and polishing steps by Matthias Rüdt, Nina Brestrich, Daniel Büchler, Laura Rolinger Adrian Sanden and Jürgen Hubbuch (all KIT) and presentation Integrated precipitation and periodic counter-current chromatography process by Steffen Großhans, Gang Wang, Christian Fischer, Pascal Baumann and Jürgen Hubbuch (all KIT). Poster entitled Artificial intelligence in protein chromatography: Estimation of mechanistic model parameters by authors Gang Wang, Till Briskot, Pascal Baumann, Tobias Hahn and Jürgen Hubbuch (all KIT).
  • 26.-28.2.2017

    13th International PhD Seminar on Chromatographic Separation Science, SoCSS 2017, Germany

    Presentations entitled Membrane adsorbers and flow-through approaches for continuous processing by Helena Trnovec (Lek) and Next-generation biopharmaceutical downstream process by Luka Jeromel (Lek).
  • 15.-16.2.2017

    Biologics Manufacturing Asia 2017, Singapore

    Presentation entitled Continuous DSP Strategies - nextBioPharmDSP by presenter Gorazd Hribar (Lek).
  • 15. - 16.11.2016

    EC-Workshop on Maximising the impact of KET Biotechnology, Brussels, Belgium

    Presentation of project nextBioPharmDSP content, impacts and discussions led by Gorazd Hribar (Lek) and Peter Satzer (BOKU).
  • 6. - 9.11.2016

    ISPPP 2016 Conference, Salzburg, Austria

    Presentations entitled Next Generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process by Gorazd Hribar (Lek) and Fast and easy way to boost your primary separation in mAb production: Continuous flocculation, new alternatives for old problems bpresented by Peter Satzer. Posters entitled Membrane adsorbers for continuous processing by authors Helena Trnovec, Tibor Doles, Gorazd Hribar (all Lek) and Performance Comparison of Protein A Affinity Chromatography Sorbents at Different Temperatures by authors Walpurga Krepper, Peter Satzer, Alois Jungbauer.
  • 31.10. - 4.11.2016

    PEGS Europe 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

    Presentation entitled Development of a robust Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration step for highly concentrated drug substance using process analytical methods and aggregation modelling by author Dejan Arzensek (Lek).
  • 19. - 20.10.2016

    BioProduction Europe 2016, Dublin Ireland

    Presentation entitled Continuous capture of antibodies: from laboratory to pilot scale by author Alois Jungbauer.
  • 9. - 12.10.2016

    SPICA 2016, Vienna, Austria

    Presentations entitled PAT for preparative chromatography of proteins: real-time monitoring of a capture and polishing step by authors Matthias Rüdt, Nina Brestrich, Daniel Büchler, Adrian Sanden, Jürgen Hubbuch (all KIT) and Simulated Periodic Counter-Current Chromatography (sPCCC) – a scale-down model for multicolumn continuous chromatography process development by authors Gang Wang, Till Briskot, Matthias Rüdt, Jürgen Hubbuch (all KIT). Poster entitled Capturing of monoclonal antibodies by continuous precipitation as an alternative for conventional affinity chromatography by auhors Daniel Burgstaller, Peter Satzer,Walpurga Krepper (all BOKU),Steffen Großhans (KIT), Jure Mohoric, Katja Pajnic (both LEK), Alois Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 26. - 27.9.2016

    2016 International Symposium on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

    Poster entitled Continuous downstream processing of recombinant antibodies based flocculation and precipitation by authors Peter Satzer, Daniel Burgstaller, Nico Lingg, Beate Hintersteiner, Nikolaus Hammerschmidt, Alois Jungbauer (all BOKU).
  • 11. - 14.9.2016

    European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) 2016

    Presentation entitled Going continuous: The use of cell flocculation for continuous primary recovery of recombinant monoclonal antibody production by authors Daniel Burgstaller, Peter Satzer (both BOKU), Josselyn Haas, Marine Maszelin (both MM), Jure Mohoric, Katja Pajnic (both Lek), Alois Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 4. - 7. 9. 2016

    Eurosensors 2016, Annual International European Summit, Budapest, Hungary

    Presentation entitled Parallelizable Microfluidic Resistive On-Line Detector of Micrometric Aggregates of Biopharmaceutical Antibodies by authors M. Carminati, M. Giacometti, M. Sampietro, S. Chiodini, G. Ferrari (all NSYS), Doles Tibor (Lek).
  • 27.06.2016

    Progress in Continuous Biomanufacturing - World Biopharm Forum 2016, Cambridge, UK

    Presentation entitled NextBioPharmDSP – Next Generation biopharmaceutical downstream process with overview of consortium and recent results held by Christopher Gillespie (MM) and presentation entitled Establishing a mAb flow through polishing process: Evaluation of new materials with authors Mathilde Bourguignat, Nicolas Laroudie, Christopher Gillespie (all MM) focused on flow through purification.
  • 19. - 24. 6. 2016

    Recovery of Biological Products XVII Conference, Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

    Poster presented with title Application of PAT in Chromatography: From Capture to Polishing by authors Nina Brestrich, Matthias Rüdt, Laura Rolinger, Jürgen Hubbuch.
  • 24. - 25. 5. 2016

    A3P Bioproduction Conference, Brussels, Belgium

    Workshop organised entitled Towards continuous bioprocessing held by Gorazd Hribar, Dejan Arzensek (both Lek), Christine Idrissi, Frederic Sengler (both MM).
  • 12. - 13. 4. 2016

    BPI Europe 2016, 12th Annual Bioprocess International European Summit, Vienna, Austria

    Presentation entitled Next Generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process held by Tibor Doles (Lek) and poster entitled Continuous Flocculation of Culture Broth for Primary Recovery of Antibodies by authors Peter Satzer (BOKU), Lise Besnard (MM), Alois Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 13. - 17. 3. 2016

    National Spring Meeting ACS, 2016, San Diego, California

    Presentation entitled Spectral deconvolution of chromatograms with PLS models and calibration-free methods by authors Matthias Rüdt, Nina Brestrich, Jürgen Hubbuch (KIT).
  • 29. 2. - 1. 3. 2016

    3rd Biologics Manufacturing Asia 2016, Singapore

    Presentation entitled Productivity and economic impact of continuous processing of antibodies held by Alois Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 1. - 5. 11. 2015

    Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing II, 2015, Berkeley, California

    Poster entitled Spectral Deconvolution of Chromatograms without Offline Analytics by authors Matthias Rüdt, Nina Brestrich, Jürgen Hubbuch from KIT.
  • 22. - 23. 9. 2015

    2015 PDA Europe: 8th Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies, Berlin, Germany

    Presentation entitled Next-Generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Processes - Continuous Bioprocessing held by Gorazd Hribar (Lek) and Christopher Gillespie (MM).
  • 22.09.2015

    Workshop Maximizing the Impact of KET Biotechnology, Brussels, Belgium

    Presentation entitled Horizon 2020: Next-generation biopharmaceutical downstream process held by Matjaz Oven (Lek).
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