• 21. - 26.10.2018

    SciX 2018: The Great Scientific Exchange, Atlanta, USA

    Presentation entitled Factorization of Preparative Protein Chromatograms with Hard-Constraint Multivariate Curve Resolution and Second Derivative Pretreatment by Matthias Rüdt, Sebastian Andris, Robin Schiemer, Jürgen Hubbuch (KIT).
  • 9. - 10.10.2018

    BioProduction 2018 Congress, Dublin, Ireland

    Presentations entitled Case Study: Continuous connected downstream processing by Luka Jeromel (LEK), Continuous purification of antibodies by P.Satzer, D. Burgstaller, W.Krepper, A. Cataldo, A. Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 7. - 11.10.2018

    Recovery of Biological Products XVIII Conference, Asheville, USA

    Presentation entitled Leveraging Light: Spectroscopy as a PAT Tool for Biologics by Matthias Rüdt, Sebastian Andris, Steffen Grosshans, Nils Hillebrandt, Jonas Rogalla, Adrian Sanden, Philipp Vormittag, Jürgen Hubbuch (KIT).
  • 7. - 10.10.2018

    SPICA 2018, Darmstadt, Germany

    Presentation entitled Thermosensitivity of Protein A Affinity Media by W. Krepper, P.Satzer, B. Beyer, A. Jungbauer (BOKU). Presentations entitled Water on Hydrophobic Surfaces: Mechanistic Modeling of Polyethylene Glycol Induced Protein Precipitation by Steffen Großhans, Gang Wang, Juergen Hubbucht (KIT) and Process analysis for preperative protein chromatography using in-line attenuated total refelction fourier transform infrared spectroscopy by Adrian Sanden, Nina Brestrich, Steffen Grosshans, Josefine Morgenstern, Matthias Rüdt, Stefan Heissler, Jürgen Hubbuch (KIT).
  • 9. - 12.9.2018

    ESBES 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

    Presentations entitled Next generation Downstream Processing (NextBioPharm) by Peter Satzer and team (BOKU), Interconnected protein precipitation and precipitate harvest by Daniel Burgstaller and team (BOKU), Economic evaluation: Comparing different scenarios of primary recovery and capture steps of recombinant monoclonal antibody production by Alessandro Luigi Cataldo and team (BOKU).
  • 25. - 29.8.2018

    Chisa 2018, Prague, Czech Republik

    Presentation entitled Challenges and novel engineering solutions for the emerging biotechnological processes by Uroš Novak, Miha Kastelic, Blaž Likozar (KI).
  • 13. - 17.8.2018

    10th Annual Bioprocessing Summit conference, Boston, USA

    Presentation entitled Next Generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process – an EU Horizon 2020 Funded Research and Innovation Programme by Michael Phillips.
  • 14. - 17.5.2018

    SBCN 2018 - 14th International Symposium on BioChromatography and Nanoseparations, Bordeaux, France

    Presentations entitled Thermosensitivity of Protein A Affinity Media by W. Krepper, P.Satzer, B. Beyer, A. Jungbauer (BOKU) and Continuous antibody precipitate harvest by two-stage tangential flow filtration by D. Burgstaller, P.Satzer, W.Krepper, A. Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 23. - 25.04.2018

    Bioprocess International conference 2018, Amsterdame, NL

    Presentations entitled Next Generation Downstream Processing for mAbs Production by Marine Maszelin, Josselyn Haas (both MM) and Continuous integrated antibody production – Primary separation and non-chromatographic capture by P.Satzer, D. Burgstaller, W.Krepper, A. Cataldo, A. Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 20.-22.3.2018

    CHI Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

    Presentation entitled Continuous downstream strategies for future processes by Helena Trnovec.

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