• 19.-21.3.2018

    2018 PDA Annual Meeting, Orlando, USA

    Presentation entitled Continuous Processing Strategies - nextBioPharmDSP by Gorazd Hribar.
  • 19. - 21.3.2018

    2018 ISPE Europe Annual Conference, Rome, Italy

    Presentation entitled Next Generation Downstream Processing for mAbs Production by Marine Maszelin, Nicolas Laroudie (both MM).
  • 18. - 22.3.2018

    255th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, USA

    Presentations entitled: Water on Hydrophobic Surfaces: Mechanistic Modeling of Polyethylene Glycol Induced Protein Precipitation; Artificial intelligence in protein chromatography: Root cause investigation of process deviations; Monitoring and control of capture steps by PLS modeling and spectroscopy; In-line Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy as a Versatile Process Analytical Technology for Preparative Protein Chromatography; Monitoring and control of capture steps by PLS modeling and spectroscopy. All done by KIT team: Steffen Großhans, Gang Wang, Matthias Rüdt, Jürgen Hubbuch and others.
  • 1.03.2018

    Thermo Fisher Chromatographie Anwender Seminar 2017, Pforzheim, Germany

    Presentation entitled Analyzing Protein UV/Vis Chromatograms with PLS Models and Calibration-free Methods by Matthias Rüdt.
  • 22.-24.11.2017

    Anything but conventional chromatography UCIBIO, Lisbon, Portugal

    Presentation entitled Continuous integrated protein precipitation – Is there a need for steady state? By D.Burgstaller, P.Satzer, S.Caserman, A.Jungbauer (BOKU and KI).
  • 14. - 16.11.2017

    European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB), Graz, Austria

    Presentation entitled Continuous processing approaches by Gorazd Hribar (LEK).
  • 29.10. - 3.11.2017

    2017 AIChE Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, USA

    Presentation entitled Model-based Process Optimization for Upstream Bioreactor Production–Downstream Chromatographic Separation of CHO Cell Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) presented by Matic Grom, Blaž Likozar and other colleagues from KI.
  • 17. - 18.10.2017

    Bioproduction Congress 2017, Dublin, Ireland

    Presentations entitled Continuous Downstream Processing, Do We Need To Operate At Steady State? By P.Satzer, W.Krepper, D.Burgstaller, A.Jungbauer (BOKU) and Continuous protein precipitation – A simple and robust antibody capture step by D.Burgstaller, P.Satzer, W.Krepper, A.Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 1. - 5.10.2017

    4th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, Barcelona, Spain

    Presentation entitled 3D structure of protein precipitates, fractal dimension and influence of batch and continuous precipitation on the 3D structure by P.Satzer, D.Burgstaller, A.Jungbauer (BOKU).
  • 20. - 22.9.2017

    2017 Slovenian Chemical Days, Portoroz, Slovenia

    Presentation entitled Next-generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process by Blaz Likozar and his team from KI.

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